Short-Term Eftpos Rentals

  • short-term rental terminalWhether your short-term requirement is during your peak trading period or during special promotions in store or out in the field, we have a fixed place or mobile Eftpos terminal available.

If attending Special Events or expos, temporary seasonal sales, various festivals around NZ or any activity where you do not have a standard phone connection available, we can supply a mobile or fixed Eftpos terminal for short term rental. We have even supplied Eftpos terminals for garage sales!

  • Our Short Term rentals are backed with our On-site service support.
  • We have options available for merchant numbers if you don’t have your own for your event

Book your short-term rental here or call 0800 42 66 99


Fixed Terminals

Fixed term terminalFixed terminals are available as a one piece unit or two piece (the 2 piece unit has a pin pad attached). The terminal type for your business will be based on several factors

  • Terminal Capabilities
  • Latest International Security Standards: ETSL v6.0
  • Chip Card readers are fully functional
  • Fast transaction times
  • Easy to use for staff and customers
  • High levels of reliability


Mobile Eftpos

Mobile Eftpos terminals offer you the ability to accept payment almost anywhere you do business. As well as being free from processing transactions from a fixed location, there's less reason to carry large amounts of cash, no need to produce an invoice, no waiting for cheques to clear, not to mention securing your funds immediately.

If you have looked at mobile terminals before and found them too costly, now is a good time to take another look. A low monthly fee will cover connection costs for up to 1000 transactions a month - more than enough for most merchants.

Mobile terminals have become more practical and easier to use. They are more compact, have a longer battery life, take bigger paper rolls and faster printers, meaning you don't need to compromise ease of use to get mobile.

Does Mobile Eftpos suit my business?

Mobile terminals represent an affordable, practical solution for many businesses. These include:

  • mobile networkPremises without a phone line
  • Trades people
  • Taxi companies
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Markets/Fairs
  • Special promotional stalls and events
  • Restaurants and Cafes to provide pay at table options
  • Tourism operations
  • We have even rented terminals for garage sales!

Ready to Mobilise your business? Call 0800 42 66 99

If you are at a location with mobile coverage then you can operate a mobile Eftpos terminal from Eftpos Specialists. All of the Eftpos Specialists Group will Row, Drive, Walk or Climb the extra mile to service your business.

Which mobile network

We have terminals that are available on the two main mobile networks

telecom logo vodafone logo


Broadband Eftpos

Speed things up with Broadband.

If you do not want to find yourself waiting for transactions to go through, or have to hang up the phone before using Eftpos, you need Broadband. It’s a quick solution that lets you run everything (your phone, internet and Eftpos) through one phone line. That means you can make Eftpos transactions while you’re on the phone and even run more than one Eftpos terminal with the same connection.

Services are available via Paymark that will allow you to connect over broadband networks so you can use one phone line for calls, Eftpos, email and more, while ensuring that your Eftpos is as safe, secure, and reliable as it is over a dial up line.

Broadband Eftpos is an ideal solution for your business if you:

  • Have more than one Eftpos terminal at the same site. Multiple terminals can operate over the same broadband connection at the same time eliminating the cost of additional phone lines.
  • Want to improve customer service by taking a phone order or query at the same time as an Eftpos transaction is going through.
  • Already have a broadband connection with an approved provider.

Does it matter which broadband provider I use?

Yes.  The connection needs to be from an approved broadband provider and they are:

telecom logo vodafone logo

Broadband data usage

Eftpos has a low bandwidth requirement and should not use up your monthly data allowance.


To improve reliability some terminals have an inbuilt fall back to dial up, should your broadband fail.